“Buling” is a religious rite dramatizing the washing and pouring of perfume on the head and feet of Jesus by Mary Magdalene. This is done on the day immediately preceding Ash Wednesday by the Hermanos and Hermanas of the parish.
A catechesis on the seven sacraments is performed during the early part of the “Buling” where the Parish Priest represents Jesus Christ where the Hermana plays the role of Mary Magdalene.
As the rites move on the Buling proper, the Hermanos and Hermanas sing in verse the catechesis of the seven sacraments. While doing so, they slowly approach the Parish Priest. This gesture goes with the belief that the seven sacraments represent the seven steps towards steps toward a life of perfection.


After passing this stage, they will be lined up to be “mayor or “mayora”. The mayora takes care of laundering the clothes used in the altar for the Holy Mass. They are also in charge of putting up the “Amargura and “Galilea” for the “Salubong”. The final stage is becoming the “Hermano and “Hermana”. During Christmas, the mayor and the mayora are in charge of preparing the heart lantern and the angel for the celebration of the Holy Mass on Christmas day.
A new dimension is introduced to the “Novicios” and “Novicias” which is inline to the thrust of the Catholic Church after the second Vatican Ecumenical Council. Aside from studying Christian Doctrines, attending seminars and lectures on Total Human Development and Community Building is required without totally disregarding the original motives centered principally in personal relationship with God in prayer and penance.

This solemn rite is done in the presence of the town mayor and the other government leaders and parishioners showing their unity to one another: