2018 Events Calendar


Feast of the Black Nazarene
January 9 – Quiapo, Manila

This feast is celebrated at the heart of Manila- Quiapo. Devotees come from all over the metropolis to participate in this annual event honoring the hundred-year-old statue of the Black Nazarene.

Sinulog Festival
Every third Sunday of January, Cebu City

Cebu’s grandest festival, the feast is in honor of the Holy Image of Senyor Santo Niño de Cebu.

Ati-Atihan Festival
3rd week of January, Kalibo, Aklan

This is a celebration in honor of the Infant Jesus, the town’s patron. Ati-Atihan, observed in honor of the Child Jesus. Ati-atihan means ‘making like Atis,’ that is, pretending to be like the aboriginal natives that once inhabited Aklan. This involves smearing oneself with soot to darken the skin and dressing up in tribal finery. The start of the procession is signaled by drums and whistles, and later punctuated by shouts of “Hala Bira!”

The Dinagyang Festival
4th week of January, Iloilo

Dinagyang is a Hiligaynon word extrapolated from dagyang meaning “merrymaking” It celebrates the feast of the Infant Jesus and the pact between the Datus and the locals.