1.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na masuring may paggalang at dignidad at walang pag-iimbot.

2.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na mabigyan ng sapat na impormasyon tungkol sa kanilang karamdaman,

resulta ng pagsusuri at lunas ayon sa kanyang pang unawa.

3.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na makatanggap ng tamang impormasyon mula sa kanyang doktor upang makapagbigay

ng pahintulot sa gagawing pagsusuri sa kanyang karamdaman.

4.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na tumanggi sa anumang gamutan na naaayon sa batas at malaman ang maaaring idulot

ng kanyang pagtanggi.

5.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na mapanatiling pribado ang anumang impormasyon tungkol sa kanyang karamdaman.

6.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na mapanatiling pribado ang anumang usapin at dokumento na may kinalaman sa kanyang karamdaman.

7.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na mabigyan ng maagap na serbisyo sa abot ng makakaya ng pagamutan.

8.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na kilalanin at malaman ang pangalan ng mga nangangalaga sa kanya.

9.   Karapatan ng Pasyente na mapayuhan, makibahagi or tumanggi na makilahok sa anumang pananaliksik pang medisina.

10. Karapatan ng Pasyente na mabigyan paliwanag tungkol sa tamang pangangalaga sa sarili bago makauwi at kung kalian

sya maaaring bumalik sa doktor.

11. Karapatan ng Pasyente na malaman at humingi ng paliwanag tungkol sa kanyang bayarin.

12. Karapatan ng Pasyente na malaman ang mga patakaran at alituntunin ng ospital.


Source: American Hospitals Association, 1973

Department of Internal Medicine

Eloisa E. Pornillos, MD Sancho P. Tolentino, MD
Delfin C. Barrion, MD Maribel T. Gutierrez, MD
Joseph R. Bongon, MD Maria Crescenta M. Manlangit, MD
Rhoderick B. Cevallos, MD Floranie R. Paredes, MD
Domingo B. Delvo, Jr., MD Jose Manuel T. Rañola III, MD
Charissa L. Divinagracia, MD Rizalina R. Ramos, MD
Maria Karla C. Malanyaon-Ermino, MD Maria Lourdes A. Cruz-Sarmiento, MD
Rosemen F. Fernando, MD Julius C. Co-Soriano, MD
John Lea B. Guazon, MD Mary Jane G. Uy, MD
Visiting Consultant  
Josephine V. Bonos, MD Tony T. Dy, MD
Ester Jean Dy, MD Bernardo A. Opena, Jr., MD
Honorary Consultant  
Myrna B. Bobis, MD Efren SJ. Nerva, MD
Karl Christian G. Aralar, MD Maria Frances S. Pinto, MD
Allan Pierre R. Ayuban, MD Joaquin S. Perez III, MD
Lara Mae T. Barrameda, MD Clarin M. Llenaresas-Rada, MD
Kristine June P. Barba, MD Giselle M. Regaspi, MD
Edwin Marlon C. Basmayor, MD Ronald P. Riverom, MD
Roderick M. Belleza, MD Sonny C. Sendon, MD
Cherry Pinky Budao, MD Karl Babe G. Tagomata, MD
Celeste B. Candido, MD Pia Kathrina G. Torres, MD
Renato B. Grageda, Jr., MD Jeffrey M. Valencia, MD
Nathalie P. Lazaro, MD Kristy M. Pinto, MD

Department of Pediatrics

Mary Ann Cyrill N. Mesalucha, MD Michellaine T. Tolentino, MD
Consultant Staff  
Myla N. Baturiang, MD Maria Estrella B. Litam, MD
Agnes P. Claveria, MD Milagros Bihidis T. Lucas, MD
Glenda C. Decena, MD Eileen S. Navarrosa, MD
Elizabeth L. Formalejo, MD Grace T. Pandes, MD
Janeta B. Froyalde, MD Ma. Nimfa R. Vergara, MD
Nina Gregorio, MD  
Visiting Consultants  
Sussette C. Nacario, MD  
Honorary Consultants  
Jose A. Amanse, MD  
Philip John O. Amanse, MD Mary Ann E. Guzman, MD
Mila M. Balmeo, MD Melrose C. Lozada, MD
Jelica Mira A. Clavecilia, MD Milagros Bihidis T. Lucas, MD
Sarbesh Kumar Das, MD Grace T. Pandes, MD
Andrew O. Deopnate, MD Glenda T. Tolledo, MD
Elizabeth L. Formalejo, MD Jenny O. Young, MD

Department of Surgery

Edgardo R. Paredes, MD Giovanni Getulio T. Zenarosa, MD
Active Consultant  
Rosito T. Bascuña, MD Rico P. Nebres, MD
Joseph Dominic M. Bichara, MD Edgardo S. Quidoles, MD
Robert A. Casin, MD Wulfrano J. Ricafort Jr., MD
Rommel M. Galicia, MD Francisco DJ. Sales III, MD
Ronnie Gregorio B. Gigantone, MD Roberto A. Sarmiento, MD
Maria Sara Padua-Labilles, MD Freddie Y. Sy, MD
Lynne Lourdes C. Lucena, MD Rodolfo C. Ursua, MD
Rex A. Madrigal, MD  
Visiting Consultant  
Stephen Jo T. Bonilla, MD Elmer Jose A. Meceda, MD
Honorary Consultant  
Edilberto S. Torres, MD  
Ralfh Adriel E. Balan, MD Juan Carlos B. Marzan, MD
Robert Soniel P. Beriña, MD Ma. Leonilla B. Mendoza, MD
Elmo S. Bombase Jr., MD Ada Angela G. Moncada, MD
Richard C. Briones, MD Kristine Camille R. Nieto, MD
Remoo C. Caballero, MD Abel Francisco B. Ramos II, MD
Mary Rose A. Calindas, MD Tito Guillermo D. Rejante, MD
Ray Andrew B. Dimaano, MD April Rose M. Sales, MD
Adrian B. Lorenzo, MD Roque Xerxes G. Torres, MD

Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Aileen Frances B. Bislumbre, MD Viviene L. Bombita, MD
Consultant Staffs  
Anna Liza Vilgera-Abainza, MD Imelda Socorro S. Marina, MD
Maria Rizalina B. Adalid, MD Marie Anne N. Ramos, MD
Pilipinas F. Agudo, MD Cristet B. Sales, MD
Alma M. Bresnan, MD Elna N. Chia, MD
Ana Young Garcia K. Sy, MD Maria Meden P. Cortero, MD
Antonina C. Vilgera, MD Rizaline A. Cuadro, MD
Junior Consultant  
Catherine B. Barbosa, MD Mary Antoinette B. Salvamante, MD
Jeejane A. Bonggao, MD Bernadine B. Aranzo-Zaragoza, MD
Non-Training Residents  
Anna Rae B. Mayor, MD  
Clarinda E. Bacsain, MD Leah H. Muñoz, MD
Mary Ann S. Cajanding, MD Rizha D. Olalia, MD
Maricor R. Gasgas-Labis, MD Carole Ann S. Roco, MD
Ma. Elizabeth E. Loria, MD  

Department of Orthopaedics Surgery

Wilbur B. Belleca, MD Joseph T. Rebulado, MD
Alexander A. Marinas, MD Joseph S. Sanchez, MD
Jensy S. Ong, MD  
Earlie Arvin P. Cabral, MD  

Department of Radiology

Maghn R. Collao, MD  
Consultant Staff  
Robert Subong Jr., MD  
Visiting Consultant  
Crisostomo D. Lacuesta, MD  
Neha Besta, MD Pradesh Ghimire, MD
Joy A. David, MD Rey Christian I. Sadang, MD
Julian Gualberto G. Dellosa, MD Francis Owen G. Tuquero, MD

Department of Laboratory

Diana Sarah B. Donacao, MD Raymundo L. Ibarrientos, MD
Heriberto B. Fornoles, MD  

Department of Anesthesiology

Susan S. Baesa, MD Rosalina S. Flores, MD
Francis P. Ferrer, MD Fiona T. Zaragoza, MD
Rhea Chrizaliz Glipo-Badong, MD Julie Ann E. Nuylan, MD
Andriza Mae S. Beguia, MD Allan P. Sunas, MD
Richard D. Causapin, MD Constancio B. Toledano, MD
Emmanual Victor A. Escobar, MD Alfrancis L. Ubana, MD

Department of Otolaryngology

Neil Aldrine I. Peñaflor, MD Diosdado C. Uy, MD
Consultant Staff  
Felipe Federico O. Pio, Jr., MD Marifee U. Reyes, MD

Department of Ophthalmology

Peter Joseph A. Reyes, MD  

Department of Dental Medicine

Anabel S. Bellen, MD Ruby B. Lozano, MD
Ma. Socoro A. De Guzman, MD Pedro A. National, MD

Department of Psychiatry

Edessa M. Parde-Laguida, MD Orville Jess A. Pandes
Junalyn Irene D. Marzan, MD  

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Venggie Magna A. Ong, MD  

Department of Out-patient

Annaliza V. Abainza, MD Ma. Rosario Magdalene R. Escarilla, MD
Jeejane A. Bonggao, MD Maria Sara Padua-Labilles, MD
Diana Sarah B. Donacao, MD  

Department of Emergency Room

Marifee U. Reyes, MD  


  • OPD User's Fee is Php 50.00
  • Please always bring your Health I.D. Card (green) as your Health Record Number is printed hereof which helps to facilitate the retrieval of your record on file and to avoid delay of your transaction
  • Once this I.D. Card is lost, another I.D. Card shall be issued but you have to pay Php 50.00
  • No OPD Clinic every Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays


Obstetrics | Family Planning | Medicine | Pediatrics | Surgery | Animal Bite | Dental | Orthopaedics | MDRTB Clinic | TB DOTS

AM Only - ENT | Ophthalmology

PM Only - Cardiology (Adult & Pedia)


Gynecology | Family Planning | Medicine | Pediatrics | Surgery | Pediatric Surgery | Minor Surgery | Animal Bite | Dental | MDRTB Clinic | TB DOTS

AM Only - Dermatology

PM Only - CP Clearance


Obstetrics | Family Planning | Medicine | Pediatrics | Surgery | Animal Bite | Dental | MDRTB Clinic | Minor Surgery | TB DOTS

AM Only - ENT | Ophthalmology | Oncology

PM Only - Diabetes, Endocrine


Gynecology | Family Planning | Medicine | Pediatrics| Surgery | Pediatric Surgery | Animal Bite | Dental | Orthopaedics | Neurology (Pedia) | MDRTB Clinic | TB DOTS

AM Only - Neurology (Pedia), TB Clinic (Pedia)

PM Only - CP Clearance, Gastroenterology (Adult)


Obstetrics | Family Planning | Medicine | Pediatric | Surgery | Animal Bite | Dental | MDRTB Clinic | Minor Surgery | TB DOTS

AM Only - NTP, TB Clinic (Adult)

PM Only - Neurology (Adult)

Step Activities Person/s Responsible Time Frame

Receives complaint, recommendation, inquiry or   suggestion in person, by text, by phone call, by email, or  by mail

The Head of Agency, Integrity Development, Committee Chairperson, Grievance Committee, Chairperson, Supervisor, PACU Officer 24  hours
2 Forwards complaint, recommendation, inquiry or suggestion to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)/Bilis Aksyon Partner (BAP) Person who receives the complaint, etc. 24 hours
3 Conducts investigation/makes recommendations.
Acts on recommendation.
7-30 calendar days
4 Notifies concerned person/s of results. CAO / BAP / HRM 7 calendar days


 Click here to download the Citizens Charter Document in PDF format

Blood Bank


Whole Blood 1,600.00 1,600.00
Packed Red Blood Cell 1,500.00 1,500.00
Platelet Concentrate 1,000.00 1,000.00
Fresh Frozen Plasma 1,000.00 1,000.00
Cryoprecipitate / Cryosupernate 1,000.00 1,000.00
Washed Red Blood Cell 2,700.00 2,700.00
Leukocyte Reduced Red Blood Cell (any volume) 3,800.00 3,800.00
ALIQUOT for Pediatric Cases (200ml below) 800.00 800.00
Antibody Screening (Patient) - 3 cell panel 700.00 700.00
Antibody Screening (Donor) - 1 cell panel 550.00 550.00
Apheresis Derived Components Not yet Available  Not yet Available 
Therapeutic Phlebotomy ** 450.00 450.00
Compatability Testing 500.00 N/A 
Direct Antihuman Globulin (Coomb's) Test 370.00 N/A 
Indirect Antihuman Globulin (Coomb's) Test 370.00 N/A 
Transfusion Reaction Investigation 1(w/o culture) 3,200.00 N/A 
Transfusion Reaction Investigation 2(w/ culture) 4,200.00 N/A 
Forward ABO/RH Grouping (Gel Method) 430.00 N/A 
Forward ABO/RH Grouping-NEWBORN(Gel Method) 500.00 N/A 
Reverse ABO/RH Grouping (Gel Method) 350.00 N/A 
Forward ABO/RH Grouping-for donors only(Tube Method) 50.00 50.00
Combined Reverse & Forward ABO/Rh Grouping (Gel Method/Erythrocyle Magnetical Technology) 530.00 N/A 
Massive Transfusion Protocol Pack #1 13,650.00 N/A 
Massive Transfusion Protocol Pack #2 19,050.00 N/A 
    Screening for HbsAg (Quantitative) 420.00 N/A 
    Screening for HCV (Quantitative) 600.00 N/A 
    Screening for HIV 1 & 2 (Quantitative) 300.00 N/A 
    Screening for HIV Malaria (ICT) 250.00 N/A 
    Screening for Syphilis (Quantitative) 250.00 N/A 
Duplicate Copy of Result (per print/copy) 50.00 50.00
Blood Bag Single 150.00 150.00
Blood Bag Double 250.00 250.00
Blood Bag Triple 350.00 350.00
Blood Set-platelet 150.00 150.00
Blood Set-Leukocyte depleted filter
(Laboratory/Blood Bank Type)
2,200.00 2,200.00
**Additional fee for blood bag and other materials    



Blood Typing 50.00
Complete Blood Count w/ Platelet (CBC w/ PC) 120.00
HGB/HCT 100.00
CT/BT 75.00
ESR 100.00
LE Preparation 200.00
Peripheral Blood Smear (PBS) 250.00
Platelet Count (Manual) 75.00
Prothrombin Time (PT) 450.00
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) 450.00
Reticulocyte Count (Retics Count) 75.00
d-Dimer 1,200.00




AFP 1,000.00
Anti-HBs 750.00
Anti-HBe 800.00
Anti-HBc 800.00
Anti-HBc IgM 800.00
Anti-HAV 950.00
Anti-HAV IgM 850.00
Anti-HCV (Screening) 420.00
Anti-Streptolysin O Titer (ASO) 360.00
ASO 360.00
Beta-HCG 1,000.00
CA 125 1,100.00
CA 153 1,200.00
CA 19-9 1,100.00
CEA 1,000.00
C-Reactive Protien (CRP) 360.00
FSH 1,000.00
FT3 750.00
FT4 750.00
HBsAg (Screening) Qualitative 180.00
HBsAg (Screening) Quantitative 750.00
HBeAg 800.00
HCG 1,000.00
HIV (Screening) 420.00
LH 1,000.00
PSA 1,000.00
RF 300.00
Test for Dengue ( IgG / IgM ) 550.00
Test for Salmonella (Typhidot) 600.00
Test for Syphillis (Screening) (RPR) 250.00
Troponin I 1,200.00
TSH 750.00




AFB Stain 100.00
Culture and Sensitivity 1,000.00
Gram Stain 100.00
India Ink 100.00
KOH Mount 100.00
Pure Bacterial Isolate (for research) 250.00




    Small 360.00
    Medium 500.00
    Large 600.00
Cytology 180.00
Frozen Biopsy 500.00
FNAB 180.00
Pap's Smear 100.00


Clinicial Chemistry


ALAT (ALT) 200.00
Albumin / GLO / A/G Ratio 200.00
Alkaline Phosphatase (Alk Phos) 300.00
AMYLASE 300.00
Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)  
       Payward 1,200.00
       Philhealth 1,000.00
ASAT (AST) 200.00
Blood Uric Acid (BUA) 125.00
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 150.00
Calcium (Ca) 200.00
Chloride 200.00
Cholesterol (Total Cholesterol) 125.00
CK 300.00
CK-MB 300.00
Creatinine 150.00
Direct Biliburin (DBIL) 200.00
FBS / RBS / 2HRS PPBS 125.00
Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HBA1C) 500.00
HDL / LDL 250.00
Ionized Calcium 500.00
LDH 300.00
Lipase 500.00
Magnesium 200.00
Phosphorus 200.00
Potassium 200.00
Sodium 200.00
Total Bilirubin / B1 / B2 200.00
Total Protein 200.00
Triglyceride 200.00


Clinical Microscopy


Cell Count and Differential Count (CSF and othe body fluids) 200.00
Fecalysis (FA) 150.00
Filarial Smear 150.00
Malarial Smear 150.00
Occult Blood 400.00
Pregnancy Test 100.00
Urinalysis (UA) 175.00
Wet Mount (Paragonimus) 150.00
Sperm Analysis 250.00


Heart Station


Bilateral Lower Extremities - Venous 3,000.00 1,000.00 4,000.00
Bilateral Upper Extremities - Venous 3,000.00 1,000.00 4,000.00
Bilateral Lower Extremities - Arterial 3,300.00 1,200.00 4,500.00
Bilateral Lower Extremities - Arterial 3,300.00 1,200.00 4,500.00
One-Leg Venous Duplex Scan 1,700.00 800.00 2,500.00
One-Arm Venous Duplex Scan 1,700.00 800.00 2,500.00
One-Leg Arterial Duplex Scan 1,500.00 1,000.00 2,500.00
One-Arm Arterial Duplex Scan 1,500.00 1,000.00 2,500.00
Carotid Duplex Scan 2,600.00 700.00 3,300.00
One-Arm AV Mapping* 2,500.00 1,000.00 3,500.00
Abdominal Aorta Duplex Scan* 2,500.00 1,500.00 4,000.00
  * Tech Fee (Php 500.00)      
Electrocardiogram (ECG) 220.00 - 220.00
Spirometry 850.00 150.00 1,000.00
2D Echo 2,600.00 700.00 3,300.00
ECG within 3 working days    
Spirometry within 7 working days    
2d Echo within 7 working days    
Vascular Utz within 7 working days    
  (Holidays not Included)      


Radiology (CT Scan Procedures)


Brain 5,700.00
Facial (3D) 6,500.00
Intra-Auditory Canal (IAC) 6,500.00
Larynx 6,500.00
Nasopharynx 6.500.00
Mandible 7,100.00
Orbits 7,300.00
Oropharynx 6,500.00
Osteomeatal Complex 6,500.00
Paranasal Sinus 6,700.00
Pituitary 6,500.00
Sella Turcica 6,700.00
Temporal / Mastoids 6,500.00
Cervical Spine / Neck 6,500.00
Lumbar Spine 6,500.00
Thoracic Spine 6,500.00
Chest 6,000.00
High Resolution Chest CT 7,000.00
Elbow 5,600.00
Ankle 5,600.00
Thigh / Leg 7,900.00
Calcaneus 5,600.00
Foot 5,600.00
Knee 5,600.00
Hip 6,500.00
Pelvis 7,000.00
Upper Abdomen 6,500.00
Whole Abdomen 8,500.00
Lower Abdomen 6,500.00
Stonogram 6,500.00
Guided Biopsy 7,000.00
Angiogram Head 13,000.00
Angiogram Pulmonary 13,000.00
Angiogram Abdomen 13,000.00
Angiogram Coronary 13,000.00
Angiogram Thoracic 13,000.00
Arteriogram Thoracic 6,300.00
Arteriogram Abdomen 9,000.00
Arteriogram Thoracic / Abdomen 12,000.00


Radiology (X-Ray Procedures)